iB Hasanah Card


  1. Definition

    The iB Hasanah Card is a financing card that functions as a credit card based on sharia principles, ie, a system of calculating fees that is fixed, fair, transparent and competitive without applying interest and is accepted at all places displaying the the MasterCard logo and all ATMs showing the CIRRUS logo worldwide and is issued by BNI Syariah under the following contract types:

    1. Kafalah Contract

      BNI Syariah serves as the guarantor for iB hasanah card holders for transactions between iB hasanah card holders and Merchants, and or cash withdrawals.

    2. Qardh Contract

      BNI Syariah is a lender to iB hasanah card holders for all cash withdrawal transactions using debit and credit transactions.

    3. Ijarah Contract

      BNI Syariah is a provider of payment system services to iB hasanah card holders. For Ijarah, the iB hasanah card holder is charged an annual membership fee.

  2. iB Hasanah Card Limitation

    The iB Hasanah Card may not used for transactions that are not in accordance with Sharia principles, nor does it allow for excessive expenditure (israf). The iB hasanah card holder must have the financial capacity to pay off any transactions within the agreed time.

  3. Type of iB Hasanah Card

    The iB Hasanah Card is available in 3 types of cards: