FAQ BNI iB Hasanah Card


What Is the BNI iB Hasanah Card:

The Hasanah Card or complete BNI iB Hasanah Card is a financing card that functions like a ‘credit card’, where the legal relationship between the Bank and its customers is based on sharia principles. With this product, BNI Syariah guarantees transactions carried out by customers and provides network facilities from BNI Syariah and MasterCard. Insha Allah Hasanah Card was created in accordance with sharia principles in reference to DSN Fatwa No.54 / DSN-MUI / X / 2006. One of the mandates of the Fatwa is the use of Financing Cards may not encourage excessive consumption. Therefore, the provision of the product is provided selectively.

What is the difference between a Hasanah Card and a conventional credit card?

  • Conventional credit cards function as loans by charging interest to their customers. In contrast, the Hasanah Card serves to guarantee customer transactions and supply access to merchant networks for transactions by charging fees / subscriptions / fees to customers. The contract types that underly this are the Kafalah contract (guarantee), Ijarah contract (provision of transaction, network, administrative services etc.) and Qardh contract / loan which only applies when there is a cash withdrawal at an ATM and where cash withdrawals are required for urgent situations. This withdrawal is only subject to ATM withdrawal fees as the total amount to be withdrawn in cash is not known beforehand. This is because this cash withdrawal is only made available to deal with urgent temporary needs, therefore it is recommended that cash withdrawals are paid for immediately before the next billing statement is issued.

  • Chargable fees that are due are calculated based on the maximum expenditure and the number of days between transactions to the next billing statement and is calculated against the remaining balance and the number of days up to maturity; whereas the monthly fee / charge is based on the limit given to the customer. This means that the amount of fees owed is always clearly stated to the customer (transparent fees). For fees based on transaction limits, the customer (card holder) should have a limit that is suited to their pattern of use / spending needs. In the fatwa regarding the use of Financing Cards, DSN authorises the Bank to provide cash rebates / discounts on fees / as a token of appreciation to customers. The amount of the discount that is provided must not be agreed in advance.

  • Another difference is that the Hasanah Card applies transaction restrictions for merchants with non-halal businesses such as discotheques, pubs, gambling institutions, etc. For these merchants the Hasanah card will not function and will show as being declined when using your password/PIN.

  • The Hasanah Card does not charge for late bills, but customers who are late in making payments will be charged a collection fee (ta’widh). This billing fee is calculated based on real collection costs that have occurred and are calculated collectively.

What facilities and features are available for the BNI iB Hasanah Card :

  • Layanan telepon 24 jam melalui BNI Call Center dengan nomor 1500046
  • 24-hour telephone service through BNI Call Center available at 1500046
  • Executive Lounge access for platinum cards (both primary and additional cards).
  • The Smartbill feature is a feature for auto debit for routine monthly bills such as PLN bills, postpaid bills, PDAMs and TV subscriptions
  • The Smartspending feature is a feature that can be enjoyed by iBHasanah Card holders in the form of installment services within a certain time period for a transaction using the iB hasanah card

What are the advantages of the BNI iB Hasanah Card :

  • Sesuai Prinsip Syariah, fatwa DSN No.54/DSN-MUI/X/2006
  • In accordance with Sharia Principles, DSN fatwa No.54 / DSN-MUI / X / 2006
  • Cannot be used at Non-Halal Merchants
  • Accepted throughout the world at merchants who are within the MasterCard network
  • No late payment penalties
  • Promos that are compatible with the halal lifestyle
  • A card that enhances your spiritual principles 

What are the types of BNI iB Hasanah Card available:

  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Platinum

What product variations does the Hasanah card offer :

  • Hasanah Card with Co Branding, which is an individual card that can be added to the name of the institution / company under the name of the cardholder (2nd line embossed).

  • Hasanah Customized Card, which is a specially designed card that can function as a Business Card or Member Card from a particular institution / community.

What institutions / communities have used Hasanah Customized Cards ?

  • Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT)
  • Majelis Taklim Telkom Group (MTTG)
  • Universitas Airlangga
  • Bogor Agricultural University Alumni Association
  • Shafira
  • Aerohajj
  • Association of the Indonesian Chief Justices (IKAHI)

How to apply for the BNI iB Hasanah Card :

  • Visit your nearest BNI Syariah branch office, or

  • Visit the BNI Syariah website at Katalog Hasanah BNI Syariah and do online registration