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The iB Hasanah Card is a financing card that functions as a credit card based on sharia principles, ie, a system of calculating fees that is fixed, fair, transparent and competitive without applying interest and is accepted at all places displaying the the MasterCard logo and all ATMs showing the CIRRUS logo worldwide and is issued by BNI Syariah under the following contract types:

    • Accepted Worldwide

      The iB Hasanah Card is be accepted as a form of payment at the more than 29 million businesses that display the MasterCard logo throughout the world. The iB Hasanah Card also allows for the withdrawal of cash through BNI ATMs and other bank ATMs that are part of MasterCard networks around the world. This network can be found displaying the Cirrus logo.

    • BNI Call 24-Hour Telephone Service

      The BNI Card Center is ready to serve you every day, throughout the year through the 24-hour BNI Call telephone service. Contact 1500046 from any phone and our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

    • Transaction features at BNI ATMs

      Various transactional services at BNI ATMs, where you can use the iB Hasanah Card for:

      • Purchasing airline tickets (Garuda & Lion Air).
      • Top up phone credit (Simpati, As, Jempol, XL Bebas Reguler, XL Bebas Xtra, Mentari, StarOne, IM3, Three & Flexi).
      • Pay electricity bills (certain areas), water, telephone, handphone and TV subscriptions (PLN, TPJ, Telkom, Telkomsel, Flexi, Speedy, Xplor, Matrix, StarOne, Three, Indovision, Astro, First Media & Telkomvision).
      • Pay tuition fees (UI) and other universities that are members of the Student Payment Center.
    • SmartBill

      This is a feature that can be enjoyed by iB Hasanah Card Holders to pay monthly bills on a regular basis automatically. Types of payments made through this feature include for Telkom (certain areas), Telkomsel, Matrix, Xplor, SmartFren, Indovision, First Media, Digital 1, Indosat M2, Speedy and TPJ clean water.

    • Danaplus

      Danaplus is a facility to transfer funds from an iB hasanah card to a cardholder's savings account at any bank. The maximum amount of funds that can be transferred is 20% of the iB hasanah credit line.

      NIlai Transaksi Biaya
      s/d 1,2 Juta Rp 25.000,-
      > 1,2 Juta s/d 2,4 Juta Rp 50.000,-
      > 2,4 Juta s/d 3,6 Juta Rp 75.000,-
      > 3,6 Juta s/d 4,8 Juta Rp 100.000,-
      > 4,8 Juta s/d 6 Juta Rp 125.000,-
      > 6 Juta s/d 7,2 Juta Rp 150.000,-
      > 7,2 Juta s/d 8,4 Juta Rp 175.000,-
      > 8,4 Juta s/d 9,6 Juta Rp 200.000,-
      > 9,6 Juta s/d 10,8 Juta Rp 225.000,-
      > 10,8 Juta s/d 12 Juta Rp 250.000,-
      > 12 Juta s/d 13,2 Juta Rp 275.000,-
      > 13,2 Juta s/d 14,4 Juta Rp 300.000,-
      > 14,4 Juta s/d 15,6 Juta Rp 325.000,-
      > 15,6 Juta s/d 16,8 Juta Rp 350.000,-
      > 16,8 Juta Rp 375.000,-
    • E-Billing

      Facility for sending bills to the card holder's e-mail address.

    • E-Katalog

      A delivery feature for sending iB hasanah promo and program information to the cardholder's e-mail address that has been registered on the Cardlink system.

    • Smart Spending

      An installment facility for transactions using the BNI iB Hasanah Card at any outlet or shop, whereby the transaction is billed in fixed installments.

    • Executive Lounge

For holders of the iB Hasanah Platinum Card who travel by plane, you can enjoy Executive Lounge facilities while waiting for your departure.





Airport Lounge




Terminal Domestik

Blue Sky Lounge


Syamsuddin Noor


Terminal Keberangkatan

Concordia Lounge


Ngurah Rai


Terminal Domestik

TG Lounge


Soekarno Hatta Cengkareng


Terminal 2D Internasional

Premier Lounge


Soekarno Hatta Cengkareng


Terminal 3D Internasional

Saphire Lounge


Adi Sucipto


Terminal A

Concordia Lounge




Terminal keberangkatan

Minangkabau Lounge


Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II


Terminal Keberangkatan

Sultan Lounge


Ahmad Yani


Terminal Keberangkatan

Arjuna Lounge


Adi Sumarmo


Terminal Keberangkatan

Sriwedari Lounge




Terminal 1

Blue Sky Lounge




Terminal 1

Concordia Lounge




Terminal Domestik

Saphire Blue Sky Lounge




Terminal Domestik

Concordia Lounge


Sultan Syarif Kasim II


Terminal Keberangkatan

Lembayung Lounge

Daftar dan ketentuan Airport Lounge dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.

Perisaiplus Syariah


This insurance provides participants with protection in the form of Sharia Insurance Coverage in the event of temporary disability due to illness / accident for a minimum of 30 consecutive days (in accordance with medical requirements that require hospitalisation and / or require at home care), whereby the BNI iB Hasanah Card bill the following month will only require a payment of the minimum monthly bill or Rp. 100.00 (whichever is greater). Calculation of temporary incapacity claims for transactions starts from the date of the temporary incapacity incident until the date of claim submission up to a maximum of 6 months or until the maximum compensation value that has been determined and the monthly premium is 0.39% of the outstanding balance.

However, if the Card Holder is sick for more than 180 days (in a row), the BNI iB Hasanah Card bill will be paid in the amount of the bill up to the start of the period of incapacity whereas if the card holder dies, the compensation payable equates to 200% of the total outstanding balance (100 % for the outstanding balance, 100% for heirs) up to a maximum of IDR 40 Million for Classic Cards, IDR 75 Million for Gold Cards or IDR 300 million for Platinum Cards.

If the cardholder who dies holds another BNI iB Hasanah Card that is not registered under the Sharia Shield Insurance, any additional compensation paid to the heirs will first be used first to repay any remaining BNI iB Hasanah Card bills.

Insurance coverage will be terminated unilaterally by BNI Syariah if you do not pay your BNI iB Hasanah Card bills for 3 consecutive months or you become over 65 years of age.


How to Claim:

If the participant dies or is subject to a permanent disability, the heirs can submit a claim through the 24-hour BNI Call Telephone Service at 1500046 or bnicall@bni.co.id email by submitting the following documents :

  • Claim Letter.
  • Police record of the incident (must be due to an accident).
  • Photocopy of legalized Certificate from the Hospital / Doctor regarding the cause of death or the chronological certificate of death from the heir if the person died due to an illness or in hospital without receiving treatment from a doctor.
  • Death Certificate from the local Kelurahan / Pamaja on behalf of the insured.
  • Certificate from the local Indonesian Embassy (if the death occured outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia).
  • Medical Resume/ Medical Report of permanent disability from the Hospital / Doctor for the insured.
  • Photocopy of bills for the last 2 months since the incident. Other documents as needed, namely:
    • Photocopy of the Family Card.
    • Photocopy of the ID card of the heirs.
    • Photocopy of the Certificate of Heirs witnessed by the local Kelurahan / Pamaja and known by the Camat (by notaries if the descendants are Indonesian citizens).
    • A photocopy of the transfer request letter from the heirs (if the claim is approved and there are additional benefits received by the heirs) containing the account number, bank name and branch (if the insured deceased held a Hasanah Card which is not registered with the Sharia Shield Insurance, then additional compensation that will be paid to the insured heirs will be first be used to pay off any remaining BNI iB Hasanah Card bills).
  • Submission of claims related to an incident from the card holder / heirs of the cardholder must be received by BNI / BNI Syariah no later than 60 calendar days from the date of the incident.
    If participants undergo hospitalization or temporary disability, the documents that must be completed at the time of submitting a claim are:
    • Claim Letter.
    • Police record of the incident if temporary incapacity is caused by a traffic accident.
    • Medical Resume / Hospital Medical Report / Doctor report (using a claim form from the insurance company).
    • Certificate of work incapacity.
    • Photocopy of bills for the last 2 (two) months since the incident
  • Submission of claims from the card holder / cardholder's heir must be received by BNI / BNI Syariah no later than 60 calendar days from the date the incident.