BNI iB Hasanah Card Eligibility


Application Requirement


Requirements Information
Minimum Earnings per year Rp 36 million
Age of Main Card Holder 21 yo - 65 yo.
Age of Additional Card Holder 17 yo - 65 yo.

The Bank has the right to approve / reject the type of card chosen / desired by the iB Hasanah Card applicant based on the income information

Document Requirement

Required Document Employee/TNI/Police Doctor/Other Profession Entrepreneur
Photocopy of Identity (KTP/SIM/Pasport) X X X
Proof of Income (Salary Slip, SPT atau Proofof Other Income)*) X X X
Photocopy of Establishment Certificate /SIUP/TDP     X
Professional License   X  

Note :

* For other Doctors / Other Professionals, it can be in the form of photocopies of Savings / SPT and for Entrepreneurs it can be in the form of the last 3-month Statement of Account / SPT.