Hasanah Waqf


Hasanah Waqf is a digital service that facilitates people who wish to utilize their property productively for the benefit of the ummah in accordance with sharia principles.

BNI Syariah has collaborated with several trusted Nadzir (waqf managers) to channel waqf funds productively. In addition, BNI Syariah also supports the community in offering Al-Quran that are distributed to Mustahik (Mushalla, Mosque and Santri) that require it.

The following have progressed through acquiring al-Quran BNI Syariah waqf funds :

Wakaf Hasanah

Spread your Hasanah spirit, through wakafhasanah.bnisyariah.co.id or download the Wakaf Hasanah application in Google Playstore..

Distribute your good fortune by representing and selecting the desired waqf project. Let's make changes, multiply your waqf to hasanah