BNI Syariah "Semarak Berkah Hasanah" Program 2020

Promo Umrah Sekeluarga

"Semarak Berkah Hasanah" program is a program of giving gifts directly to new or existing customers with fresh funds or a minimum fund transfer of Rp 25 million and blocked for a period of 6.12, months

Benefit Program

  • Prizes immediately at the start.
  • Customers can choose their own prizes.
  • Prize options consist of: 100% of Goods, part of% of Goods and part of% of Waqf, or 100% of Waqf

Duration Program

  • until December 2020

Participant Program

  • Existing Customers and New Customers

Terms and Condition

  1. Direct prizes for customers are not allowed in cash but in the form of goods and or waqf provided by the Bank.
  2. The participation of the "Semarak Berkah Hasanah" with the Naming of the QQ Account is not permitted
  3. Customers who are allowed to participate in this program are customers who transfer deposits and / or placement of fresh funds in iB Hasanah Savings (Mudharabah) and iB Bisnis Hasanah (Mudharabah) Savings.
  4. The definition of fresh fund is funds originating from remittances / cash deposits from other banks and which are not considered as fresh fund funds as follows:
  • Funds from closing other savings that have been opened in BNI Syariah.
  • Funds from disbursing customer financing facilities.
  • Existing funds from customer Savings and Current Accounts.
  • Cash deposit resulting from withdrawal of customer Savings and Current funds.
  1. For individual customers, the recipient of the prize is the customer who owns the savings account number or the third party designated by the customer who owns the savings account number.
  2. For Institutional customers, prizes must be the property of the office / institution, accepted by the Institution by placing an Institutional stamp on the gift receipt.