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BNI Call is a 24-hour telephone banking service, guaranteeing your freedom and satisfaction in getting all information and conducting banking transactions without having to move from a place with high privacy guarantee, and not limited by time and movement. For all questions or assistance in person, you can directly speak with our Customer Representative, just by pressing the number "0" at any time.
How to use BNI Call is very easy. Simply call the BNI telephone number CALL: 1500046 or 68888 and you will be served by our operator.

With BNI Phone Banking you can freely manage your finances, such as: Banking Transactions.

  1. Balance Information
  2. Payment of Telkom bills, all types of Mobile bills (Indosat, Telkomsel, Exelcomindo and Mobile-8).
  4. Payment of PLN bills.
  5. Payment of ZIS DKI Jakarta.
  6. Transfer between accounts at BNI Transfer via clearing to another bank.
  7. Purchase of top up vouchers for TELKOMSEL, INDOSAT, XL, MOBILE-8, ESIA, TELKOM AND 3.
  8. Last account mutation.
  9. Mutation of accounts that can be requested by facsimile.
  10. Other changes to BNI Phone Banking Banking Information PIN such as loan margin info, foreign exchange rates, product info and ATM locations and BNI Syariah branch offices throughout Indonesia.
Based on Bank Indonesia Letter No. 12/1081 / DPbS dated 2 July 2010 concerning Expansion of Sharia Banking Delivery Channels through Conventional Commercial Banks, BNI Syariah accounts can be opened at conventional BNI branches that have carried out agency cooperation (formerly called Syariah Channeling Outlet). Currently the opening of BNI Syariah accounts can be done in 64 BNI Syariah branch offices and 1500 BNI branch offices.
By Opening an iB Hasanah Business Savings Account, TabunganKu iB, iB Hasanah Savings,
Prima iB Hasanah Savings: IDR 10 million / day.
Insya Allah halal, because all available funds are channeled to halal businesses or businesses. To guarantee halalness, the operations of Islamic banks are supervised by the National Sharia Board (DSN) by placing a Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) in each Islamic bank.
Bank Interest is a percentage of deposits or loans that are set upfront while profit sharing is a percentage of the profits from the management of funds provided in accordance with the agreed percentage of profit sharing. Interest does not pay attention to profit or loss between the two parties (banks and customers). While the profit sharing, pay attention to the principle of justice of both parties (customers and banks) so that the greater the bank profits the greater the customer receives and vice versa.
BNI Syariah customer deposits are channeled to productive real sectors and sharia-compliant investment instruments.
Sebelumnya, BNI Syariah merupakan Unit Usaha Syariah di BNI. Sejak Juni 2010, BNI Syariah telah spin off menjadi bank umum syariah. Hal ini berarti, BNI dan BNI Syariah merupakan dua bank umum berbeda dengan prinsip operasional yang berbeda pula. Namun, BNI Syariah masih tetap bekerjasama dengan BNI dalam hal fasilitas dan kemudahan akses nasabah.
You can open a BNI Syariah account in all BNI Syariah Branches and 1500 BNI Branches.
You just need to contact 1500046 to help reset the SMS pin, whereas if you go to a branch, Customer Service does not have that menu.
the opening of the current iB THI Hasanah Savings can only be done at the BNI Syariah Branch Office which is in accordance with the domicile on your Identity Card. Therefore, you can open these accounts while in Indonesia. If the domicile of the Father is not one municipality / regency with the Branch Office, then it must be completed with a Certificate of Domicile of Customers from RT RW and known by the Kelurahan or Certificate of Work.