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SMS Banking Service Features and Menu

SMS Banking is a 24-hour banking service that we have provided for individuals requiring mobility and flexibility in carrying out banking transactions. Through this service, you will be able to perform a variety of banking transactions on your cellular phone through simple steps as easy as texting your acquaintances or business associates.

The SMS Banking service offers many features and allows for greater practicality, convenience and security for your banking activities and transactions such as:

  • Non-financial transactions, namely obtaining account balance information, or
  • Financial transactions which include transfer of funds between BNI Syariah or BNI accounts, purchase of pre-paid vouchers and bill payment for Halo Telkomsel, Flexi and Speedy as well as for the Hasanah Card.

BNI Syariah ensures that transactions via SMS banking are safe by requiring that the accounts involved in the fund transfer must first be registered at a BNI Syariah branch office. Obtaining the SMS Banking facility is also easy as you can register through any ATM terminal (in the case of non-financial transactions) or by coming to a BNI Syariah branch office to set up SMS Banking for financial transaction activities.

FAQ SMS Banking


How to get SMS Banking Application?

Currently, BNI SMS Banking application can be downloaded in the App World (Blackberry), Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iPhone / iPad). ( Click BNI SMS Banking Application information )

What criteria phones that can use the application BNI SMS Banking Menu:

Support Java MIDP 2.0., Operating System (OS) type symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile with midlet manager ready, Have navigation button (for touch screen used virtual keyboard), have internet connection (for download application BNI SMS Banking).