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Phone Banking Service Features and Menu


Phone Banking is another 24-hour banking service that saves you from leaving the comfort of your seat. Our Customer Representatives will assist you in providing information pertaining to your account, as well as execute transactions upon your request.

The Phone Banking service offers many features in ensuring convenience and security when carrying out banking activities.


To be able to use the Phone Banking service, simply register through any ATM terminal for non-financial transactions.

  1. In obtaining banking information, including :
    • Information on BNI Syariah products.
    • Information on nisbah or the profit-sharing results of BNI Syariah products.
    • Locations of BNI Syariah branch offices.
  2. In performing both non-financial and financial banking transactions :
    • Non-financial transactions, namely obtaining account balance information or viewing latest account transactions.
    • Financial transactions which include fund transfer between BNI Syariah or BNI accounts, fund transfer to accounts in other banks via clearing facility, purchase of pre-paid vouchers, and payment of Halo Telkomsel, Flexi, Speedy and Hasanah Card bills.

FAQ Phone Banking


How to call phone banking BNI ?

Call to single access number 1500046 and via cellphone with access number 021-1500046 or 68888

How to get BNI Phone Banking? If you want to access BNI Phone Banking, please register first to become a Phone Banking member with the following requirements:

  • Customer has a BNI Syariah Savings account, (iB Hasanah Tab, iB Business Tab etc. *) and Giro Individual
  • Fill out the application form and sign above the Rp. 6000 stamp.
  • Attach a photocopy of ID card, front page of the savings book. And for Giro individual attach a checking account

*) Automatically become a member of BNI Phone Banking.


Registration via BNI ATM with this following steps :

  • Enter BNI Card PIN.
  • Choose "E-Channel Registration" Menu
  • Choose "BNI PhonePlus" Menu
  • Determine your 4 digit BNI Phone Banking PIN.
  • The registration process has been successful & you will get a receipt.