Mobile Services


BNI Syariah continues to grow so that it can always be available to you when you are on the move. To serve those of you who live far away from a BNI Syariah Branch Office, now BNI Syariah has a fleet of BNI Syariah Mobile Service Vehicles which function as a One-Stop Mini-Bank that can freely move to be closer to your community and make it easier for customers to access their required services.



Makes it easy for your community to do banking transactions without having to go directly to a BNI Syariah Branch Office.

  • Equipped with a BNI ATM.
  • Equipped with a BNI Internet Banking Terminal.
  • Equipped with a handset to contact BNI Call.
  • Supported by Customer Service and Teller officers who are ready to serve you for a variety of banking transaction types.

BNI Syariah Mobile Service is here to serve BNI Syariah customers or those who have not yet had the opportunity to become a BNI Syariah customer; just like being in a BNI Syariah Branch Office.

Just bring your account details or your proof of identity to carry out transactions with the help of our officers at one of our BNI Syariah Mobile Service Vehicles.