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Mobile Banking is a 24-hour Banking service that provide for those of you who have high mobility. You can do banking transactions non-cash through cellphones connected to the internet network.

Mobile Banking services have many features and provide convenience, comfort and security for you.


Transaction Type

Transaction Feature

Non Finansial

1. Account

Balance Information

Latest Transaction

Account Mutation.

2. Transfer Add Account Destination


1. Fund Transfer Transfer between BNI / BNI Syariah

Transfer Online (Bank Transfer via Bersama).

2. Payment

a. BNI Credit Card

BNI Visa, Hasanah Card dan BNI MasterCard.
b. Non BNI Credit Card AMEX, ANZ Indonesia, BRI, Bukopin, Citibank, Danamon, HSBC, Mega, Niaga, Panin, Permata/GE, Standard Chartered.
c. Phone Bill Esia, Flexi, Halo, Matrix, SmartFren, StarOne, Telkom, Tri, Xplor.
d. Electricity Bill PLN.
3. Phone

Credit Purchase.

Axis, Esia, Flexi, IM3, Mentari, SmartFren, Voucher Telkomsel, XL Voucher, XL Extra.


Transaction Type

One - Time Transaction

Per- Day



Transfer between BNI/ BNI Syariah Rp 1,- Rp 100.000.000,- Rp 100.000.000,-
Transfer between Bank Rp 1,- Rp 10.000.000,- Rp 25.000.000,-
Clearing Rp 1,- Rp 101.000.000,- Rp 101.000.000,-
RTGS Rp 100.000.001,- Rp 101.000.000,- Rp 101.000.000,-
Pension Fund Transfer Rp 50.000,- Rp 100.000.000,- Rp 100.000.000,-



Max. Limit Per Transaction

Max. Limit Per Day


Credit Card Payment According to Bill




Bill Payment According to Bill




Phone Credit Payment According to Telkom Group Denomination


Rp 2.000.000,-



Transaction Type

Customer Account Charges

Saldo Inquiry :
  1. Saving Account.
  2. Giro Account

Free of Charge

Bill Inquiry :

BNI Credit Card, Telkom, Kartu Halo, Kartu Matrix, Kartu StarOne, Kartu Xplor, Flexi Classy/Home (Postpaid), Speedy, PLN.

Free of Charge

Transfer to BNI Account (including to DPLK Account).

Free of Charge

Transfer to Other Bank Account Online :
  1. Bank Member ATM Bersama.
  2. Bank Member ATM Link.

Rp 6.500,-

Credit Card Payment :

BNI, AMEX, Citibank, Standard Chartered, ANZ (Indonesia), HSBC, Niaga, Permata (GE Finance), Danamon, Mega, Bukopin, Panin.

Free of Charge

BRI Credit Card  Payment.

Rp 7.500,-

Other Telko Payment :

Halo, Xplor, Matrix, StarOne Postpaid, Esia Postpaid, Telkom Flexi, Tri.

Free of Charge

Electricity Payment : PLN.

Rp 3.000,-

Phone Balance Top Up :

Voucher Telkomsel, Mentari, IM3, XL Voucher, XL Extra, SmartFren, Flexy Trendy, Esia, Tri (3) Prabayar, Axis.

Free of Charge

Requirement for using Mobile Banking


Customer has a savings account (iB Hasanah Savings, iB Hasanah Savings (Members / Students), iB Business Hasanah Savings, iB Tunas Hasanah Savings) or iW Hasanah iB Individual Giro).


Customer has a valid Hasanah Debit and still active.


Fill out the BNI e-Banking registration & activation form.


Customer has an active mobile number & email address.


Customer has an active BNI Internet Banking user ID.

Cara Registrasi Mobile Banking

Individual Registration

If you want to register for Mobile Banking independently, you can see the following guide Guidline Registration Mobile Banking BNI Syariah .

Register via ATM
  • Insert Hasanah Debit into BNI's ATM machine.
  • Enter your pin PIN, Select the "e-Channel Registration" menu and then select the "BNI Mobile Banking" menu.
  • Approve the confirmation stating that it is subject to the Terms & Conditions for the Use of BNI Mobile Banking.
  • Confirmation of the success registration process will appear on the ATM screen and receipt containing among them:

a. Confirmation of transaction success b. Temporary Id-user (on receipt) c. Mobile Number (on the shelf) d. Access information & activation instructions for BNI Mobile Banking services e. Warning to keep information confidential.

Register via Branch Office
  • Customer come to nearest BNI Syariah Branch Office (cannot be represented by other people)
  • Customers show their identity (KTP / SIM / Passport), passbook and Hasanah Debit.
  • The customer has an active Internet Banking user. If the customer doesn't has internet banking user, customer service will help make a new one
  • Customer fills out the BNI e-Banking Registration & Activation Form.

FAQ Mobile Banking



How to get BNI Mobile Banking ?
Currently, BNI Mobile Banking application can be downloaded on App World (Blackberry), Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone / iPad).


What are the criteria for mobile phones that can use the BNI Mobile Banking application?
The installation of BNI Mobile Banking can be done in cellphone or smartphone with internet network in the form of GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi.


After registering mobile banking through ATM, is it still necessary come to customer service?
Yes, after registering through an ATM the customer needs come to activate the financial transaction.


What if I forget my password or username or MPIN in Mobile banking?
Please contact the nearest BNI Syariah branch office.