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Internet Banking Features and Menu

Internet Banking is a 24-hour banking service. Using a computer that is connected to the internet, you can easily and securely perform various banking transactions.

Internet Banking offers convenience in addition to practicality through menus that are easy to navigate without the need for any particular skill, as well as security with a sophisticated multi-layered security system. You will also be equipped with a security token (a device that generates a random set of digits with every financial transaction to be used as a password).

The Internet Banking Service offers many features in ensuring customer convenience and security when carrying out banking activities.


  1. In performing various non-financial transactions, namely : obtaining account balance information, viewing latest account transactions and printing bank statements or.
  2. In performing various financial transactions, including :
    • Fund transfer between BNI Syariah accounts.
    • Fund transfer to accounts in other banks via the BI-RTGS clearing facility.
    • Bill payment :
      • Telkom, Halo Telkomsel Cards, XL and Indosat.
      • Electricity (selected regions: East Kalimantan, West Sumatra, Central Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Batam, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Gorontalo and West Kalimantan).
    • Purchase of pre-paid vouchers from operators including: Telkomsel (Simpati dan As), Indosat (Mentari, IM3 dan StarOne), XL (bebas dan jempol), ESIA and Telkom Flexi.
    • Purchase of air travel tickets from airlines including: Garuda, Lion Air and Mandala.
    • Payment of tuition for universities and insitutions including: ITB, Trisakti, Unpad, UNS, Unibraw, USU, Unsri, UNJ, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, etc.
    • Payment of various Hasanah Card bills (BNI Syariah financing card).
    • Payment of zakat, infaq dan shadaqoh.

To obtain the internet banking facility, you are simply required to have a BNI Syariah Card and register through an ATM unit for non-financial transactions.

Whereas for financial transactions, you can visit any BNI Syariah or BNI branch office to receive a security token.

Easy steps to becoming an Internet Banking user:

  • Register using your BNI Syariah Card *) at any BNI ATM unit through the "E-Channel Registration" menu, and create your personal six-digit BNI Internet Banking Registration PIN.
  • Activate the BNI Internet Banking facility by: Use your User ID and Password to log on BNI Internet Banking Services and instantly be able to do non-financial transactions like balance inquiry and transaction history.
    • Accessing the BNI Personal Internet Banking platform through www.bnisyariah.co.id or www.bni.co.id.
    • Follow the steps specified in "If you have already registered for internet banking via a BNI ATM, please click here for activation".
    • Enter your sixteen-digit BNI Syariah Card*) number and BNI Internet Banking Registration PIN.
    • Read the BNI Internet Banking Terms dan Conditions thoroughly and mark your approval on the tickbox.
    • Create your User ID and Password in accordance with the given format.
  • Use your User ID and Password to login at BNI Internet Banking Service and you will immediately be able to perform non-financial transactions such as obtaining information on your account balance and latest transactions.
  • To be able to perform fund transfers, bill payments and other financial transactions, you are required to have BNI e-Secure or m-secure, an additional device (security token/smart-phone application) that generates a random numerical combination (dynamic PIN).

*) Including Student Cards, Employee/Member Cards dan BNI Syariah Cards.

How to obtain BNI e-Secure or m-Secure:

Customers can now get the BNI e-Secure or install the m-Secure application on smart-phones instantly at customer service desks. Please visit the nearest BNI Syariah branch office to get the BNI e-Secure or the m-Secure application.

Easy steps to becoming an Internet Banking user and obtaining the BNI e-Secure at BNI Syariah Branch Offices.

  • Visit your nearest BNI branch office with:
    • Your identification card (KTP, SIM, Passport).
    • Proof of ownership of an individual account (iB Hasanah Savings) and/or BNI Syariah Card.
  • Our staff will assist you through the BNI Internet Banking and BNI e-Secure registration and activation process.
  • You will directly receive an Internet Banking user-ID and password as well as your own BNI e-Secure device for use in financial transactions through the Internet Banking website (www.ibank.bni.co.id).

FAQ Internet Banking

Question Answer
What if I forget my password or username to log in? Please contact the nearest BNI Syariah branch or call 1500046 to help reset it through the system.
How to get a new one if my Esecure / token is lost or stolen ? Report to BNI Call (1500046) for blocking the existing tokens, then come to BNI Syariah branch by carrying: Letters of loss, savings book, BNI Syariah Card (ATM card), proof of valid customer identity and cost of making esecure / new tokens IDR 90,000.
My Esecure is broken Contact the nearest BNI Syariah branch by bringing: e-Secure which is damaged with a savings book / RC personal account, BNI Syariah Card, proof of valid customer identity.
My e-security / token appears failed because I forgot the pin? Please contact 1500046 to help reset the token pin.
How long does it make the e-secure? After 10 working days, you can take BNI e-Secure at the BNI / BNI Syariah Branch that you choose, by bringing a Savings Book, BNI Card, valid Identity Card and BNI eSecure Order Reference Number.