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ATM Service Features and Menu

ATM is a 24-hour banking service that allows you to perform various banking transactions without the need to visit a branch office.

Our ATM service offers many features and facilitates practicality, convenience and security for your banking activities.

You can perform a variety of transactions through the ATM, including:

Non-financial transactions such as obtaining account balance information, viewing latest transactions or printing bank statements, as well as:

Financial transactions, namely:

  1. Cash withdrawal.
  2. Checking your account balance.
  3. Fund transfer between BNI Syariah accounts.
  4. Fund transfer between accounts at different banks within the ATM Bersama inter-bank network.
  5. Payment of phone bills:
  6. Telkom and Halo Telkomsel, XL and Indosat Cards.
  7. Payment of electricity bills (selected regions: East Kalimantan, West Sumatera, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Batam, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Gorontalo and West Kalimantan).
  8. Purchase of cellular phone pre-paid vouchers from operators including: Telkomsel (Simpati dan As), Indosat (Mentaru, IM3 dan StarOne), XL (bebas dan jempol), Esia and Telkom Flexi.
  9. Purchase of air travel tickets for airlines including: Garuda, Lion Air and Mandala.
  10. Payment of tuition for universities and institutions including: ITB, Trisakti, Unpad, UNS, Unibraw, USU, Unsri, UNJ, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, among others.
  11. Payment of various Hasanah Card bills (BNI Syariah financing card).
  12. Payment of zakat, infaq dan shadaqoh.

To be able to carry out transactions at ATM terminals, please visit any of BNI Syariah’s branch offices to obtain your personal BNI Syariah Card.


Who can use BNI ATM ?

All customers BNI Syariah which has a debit card or credit card, as well as non-customers who have BNI ATM Card / Debit Card / Credit Card with network Visa, Visa Electron, Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, Link and ATM Bersama.

Are there ATM cash withdrawal in BNI ?

BNI Syariah customers can withdraw money free of charge at any ATM BNI.

Can a cash deposit at the ATM BNI ?

BNI Syariah customers can save through cash deposit machine (cdm).

How many types of ATM BNI ?

There are several types of ATM BNI Syariah client can be used for transactions such as:

  • Regular ATM is that ATM cash withdrawal transactions and other transactions such as account balance inquiry, transfer, change PIN, purchases and bill payments. Now available and spread throughout Indonesia to serve customers BNI Syariah. BNI ATM can also serve customers non BNI but can only do cash withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries.
  • Non-Cash ATM is the only ATM that can perform all non-cash transactions such as account balance inquiry, transfer, change PIN, purchase and payment of bills and can not perform cash withdrawal transactions. Non-Cash ATM is currently available in major cities in Indonesia to serve customers BNI Syariah. For customers of non BNI, ATM can only serve non-cash transactions Transfer and Balance Inquiry. Physically different forms of non-cash ATM to ATM usual, because the non-cash ATM machines do not have a body like an ATM machine in general and just a screen and keyboard (keyboard) on the front of the screen.
  • ATM Cash Deposit (CDM - Cash Deposit Machine) is an ATM that accepts cash deposits and account balance inquiry. ATM Cash Deposit can not cash acquisition transactions, transfer, change PIN, purchases and bill payments. Currently available in big cities in Indonesia to serve customers BNI Syariah. In physical form ATM Cash Deposit ATM is similar to normal, but there is a hole on the front side / drawer which is used to put the money will be deposited. To do a cash deposit, the client should use the card BNI Card and PIN numbers similar to those used in normal ATM machine. Does not require activation or create a new PIN number for this transaction. Your account balance will be updating in real time.
  • Drive Thru ATM is an ATM that can do the whole transaction as usual over ATM cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, transfer, change PIN, purchases and bill payments. ATM Drive Thru has a unique in location and shape because it is designed specifically to serve the customer without having to get down from the car. Currently available in major cities in ndonesia to serve customers BNI Syariah. For non BNI customers can be served only to transfer transactions, cash withdrawals and balance inquiry.