Shareholder Structure


Based on the Deed Statement; Decision of the Stock Holders at a Meeting of the General Stock Holders Outside of PT Bank BNI Syariah No. 53 dated September 29th, 2014, which was made in the presence of Fatdiah Helmi, SH Notary in Jakarta, which was agreed and recorded in the Administration Database of Law by the General Ministry of Law and Right Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia accordingly with a Letter of Notification of the Acceptance of the Changes in Company Data No. AHU-06781.40.21.2014 dated September 29th 2014, and has been registered under Company Register No. AHU-099808.40.80.2014 dated September 29th, 2014, the capitalization structure is recorded as follows:

Shareholder Structure


Struktur Pemegang Saham



Table of the Company's shares and structured capital is as follows :


Information Total Stock Total Nominal Value
(Rp 1.000.000 per Share)
Authorized Capital
Total Authorized 10.000.000 Rp,-  

Placed Capital Deposited in Full
1. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Pesero) Tbk. 2.919.835 Rp 2.919.835.000.000,- 99,95%
2. PT BNI Life Insurance 1.500 Rp 1.500.000.000,- 0.05%
Amount of Capital Issued and Deposited in Full 2.921.335 Rp 2.921.335.000,000,- 100%