Money Transfer

BNI Syariah's money transfer service provides customers with a choice between domestic and international money transfer.

Domestic Money Transfer

Customers can choose domestic money transfer services to suit their needs. BNI Syariah provides money transfer services in Rupiah with a variety of options:

  • Money transfer between BNI Syariah accounts, supported by an online system and offering a fast and effective transfer to the designated account.
  • Inter-bank money transfer through facilities such as :
    • Clearing, a facility provided by BNI Syariah for customers planning to transfer money for personal as well as business purposes. The transfer to the designated account will be effectively carried out in accordance with the service hours of Bank Indonesia's clearing facility.
    • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), a facility provided by BNI Syariah for customers and businesses in need of a fast money transfer service. Through Bank Indonesia's RTGS facility, your money transfer will be carried out immediately and sent to the designated account for immediate use.

International Money Transfer

For those planning to transfer money in a foreign currency to banks in other countries, we provide an international money transfer service or remittance at a cost-competitive price. We partner with a variety of correspondent banks abroad to guarantee a fast and secure money transfer. This service is available for both personal and business purposes.