Import Transactions

Import transaction is an activity involving the shipment of goods from regions outside of the Indonesian customs territory into Indonesian customs territory.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Have a Temporary Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Importir Sementara/APIS) or Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Importir/API) or Limited Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Importir Terbatas/APIT) or General APIS/API.
  • Have a Business License (Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan/SIUP).
  • Have a Taxpayer Identification Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak/NPWP).
  • Have a trade relationship or trade contract with parties abroad.
  • To deposit a marginal deposit (MD) and/or have obtained a financing facility from BNI Syariah.

Debt Factoring

To assist importers in settling their import liabilities, BNI Syariah accepts the debt factoring of importers in accordance with shariah principles.

Benefits of Import Transactions via BNI Syariah.

  • Documents are processed by BNI’s Trade Processing Centre which is ISO-certified in guaranteeing fast service for customers.
  • BNI Syariah has built a good relationship with renowned correspondent banks around the world.