Export Transactions

Export transactions are a trade activity involving the transport of goods from the customs territory of one country to the customs territory of another country in accordance with applicable laws related to exports.

Terms and conditions:

  • Have a valid business license (Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan/SIUP) or a valid business permit (Ijin Usaha).
  • Have an Exporter Identification Certificate.
  • Exported goods are in compliance with applicable regulations (not included in the list of prohibited, forbidden, controlled or restricted export goods).
  • To sign "Sakad wakalah bil ujroh" and other contracts (if accompanied by a financing scheme).
  • To provide export documents to the Bank along with a cover letter declaring the submission of the documents.
  • The currency used is officially listed in Bank Indonesia.

Bailout Facility

To meet its customers need for a facility to settle short-term credits and billings, BNI Syariah handles the settlement of sales documents and credit billings with business partners as well as other parties on behalf of customers. If circumstances require, BNI Syariah is also able to provide a bailout in accordance with shariah principles.

Benefits of performing export transactions via BNI Syariah.

  • Documents are processed by BNI's Trade Processing Centre which is ISO-certified in guaranteeing fast service for customers.
  • BNI Syariah has built a good relationship with renowned correspondent banks around the world.