BNI Remittance iB Hasanah




BNI iB Hasanah Remittance is the best remittance service for foreign currencies when both abroad and domestically. Supported by the most comprehensive resources, Hasanah Remittance is committed to supporting customers for the money transfer needs be it for personal or corporate use.


  • Competitive fee rates.
  • Available to those without an account, however, to better facilitate the transaction process it is recommended to have a BNI Syariah account.
  • Multi Currencies.
  • Competitive exchange rates.

Jenis Remittance

The types of transactional services provided include:

  1. Incoming Transfer.
  2. Outgoing Transfer.
  3. Collection.
  4. Issuance of drafts.

Applicant Term

Provision of sufficient funds in the form of rupiah or foreign exchange (for outgoing transfers) and for payments of relevant fees.