BNI Pembiayaan Anjak Piutang iB Hasanah



BNI iB Hasanah Factoring Financing is a service for transferring accounts receivable settlement amounts or short-term bills (both L/C and non-L/C) provided by BNI Syariah supported by financing facilities that are based on sharia principles.


  • Helps to overcome liquidity difficulties for Sellers; especially for short-term funding needs.
  • Develops and enhances business relationships to help create a value-added supply chain between a Seller and their business partners.

Applicant Terms

  1. Central or Regional Government Agencies and Large, Medium or Small National Private Companies *) who are BNI Syariah customers.
  2. The product or service being produced/offered is not prohibited in Islam.
  3. Transactions between applicants and their partners are regular transactions.
  4. For L/C transactions, then:
  • Usage of the L/C has been accepted from the Issuing Bank
  • The documents requested are in accordance with L/C terms and conditions.