Corporate Internet Banking

Greater Convenience

Internet Banking provides greater convenience for companies in :

  1. Simplicity of use.
  2. Real-time response, as transactions are recorded real-time.
  3. Guaranteed security, application of a multi-layered security system, and the implementation of a user ID password and dynamic password.
  4. Greater flexibility as authorization level is adjustable in accordance with varying needs and granting authorization can also be executed remotely.

The Corporate Internet Banking service offers many features and ensures convenience and security for your company in carrying out transactions such as :

  1. Various non-financial transactions, namely : viewing account information, account balance information and latest transfers, and printing bank statements or.
  2. Various financial transactions, including :
    • Fund transfer between BNI Syariah accounts.
    • Fund transfer to accounts in other banks via the BI-RTGS clearing facility.